Did Fenty live up to the hype? My review! 

Hello friends! 

Today, I am reviewing the long awaited highly anticipated and absolute hype of the fenty beauty foundation. 

If I’m being honest, I put off this review because I’ve had it for a little while, trying to convince myself to like it. But alas, I can not. 

Unfortunately, I feel as if the Fenty foundation had not lived up to the expectation which I had been led to believe. Now, firstly I love Rihanna. She is a boss ass lady who is doing a wonderful thing kicking ass in the makeup industry and busting through the whiter pigmented ranges of most beauty brands, creating a line of forty shades for all beautiful babes out there to enjoy. 

However those babes better have oily skin because if you are like me, and have combination to dry skin, this foundation is not for you. 

So, I got out my excited face and applied the  Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer which I bought to accompany her foundation. It is a creamy lightweight primer that is water based. It was great because the amount of product needed is small to cover the face and it smoothed my skin ready to apply the foundation. 

So, the first time I tried it, I started applying it with a full coverage foundation brush from Bobbi Brown. The brush I use to always put on any foundation I’ve ever owned with most ease. Not today. This recently cleaned brush struggled blending out the foundation into a smooth, even layer. It really did. I was thinking what the heck RiRi why???? Is it me??? 

Fenty foundation shade 190

I was surprised, because when i put the foundation out on my hand firstly, it was creamy and not too thick. So I thought that I would use a damp beauty blender to try blend it out. This was better, but time consuming as it still needed more work to blend evenly without caking. 

Eventually, I had applied 1.5 layers to my skin, and it looked very matte, really showing the dryness of my skin, it looked caked and also dried afterwards to a darker shade. 

As someone who has oily skin in summer time, I am no stranger to the matte foundation. Having other brands on hand for comparison. 

I then washed my face, moisturised, primed and applied Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation with my foundation brush, in half the time and with 100% less then struggle, being a dream to blend out and without a caked look or the appearance of very dry skin. It also gave better coverage with less product and a more even finish. Did I mention it’s less than half the price of Fenty? 

Now! I am not completely writing off this product! I think it would most likely suit girls with oily skin, as it does have that super matte effect and would probs be a life saver in that department with proper skin preparation and beauty utensils I.e brushes, beauty blenders. But for my skin type, I can not recommend it. 

Personally, I much prefer the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless, and also Too Faced Born This away foundation. It is amazing for a matte foundation, it looks like skin and I will be repurchasing going into summer!! 

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless

So, I hope this gave you some idea of if this foundation may suit your skin type. And to add, I am really sad I don’t like it! But am yet to try all the beautiful other products in her Fenty line! 

Much love,

Jessie xx 

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