Complexion Perfection Review & How to

Happy Saturday everybody!

In little Tasmania, Spring is really starting to bloom. The weather here today is stunning and sunny with cherry blossoms everywhere! I love it.

So in the celebration of Spring I thought I would indulge and buy a new palette I have been wanting for a little while- “Complexion Perfection Face and Cheek Palette” from Sportsgirl. The reason I have been wanting it so much is because of its range of rosy highlighters and an peachy orange pigmented blush. AND (shocker) I was not disappointed.


Classic aesthetics pic





If you haven’t already figured, I LOVE pinks and orange-y colours. I think they  have the perfect pigments to make your face look warm and glowing.
The palette is extremely pigmented and very easy to blend out, the blushes adding huge depth to my cheeks and the highlights POPPIN. I also did my eyeshadow using this palette, proving to be versatile and handy for those (like me) who wanna use the least amount of different products to achieve a look!


My Sportsgirl “Spring” look


So, how did I achieve this look?

I primed, and contoured my face using as a base foundation ‘Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless” and then contoured with Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit setting it with translucent powder by Maybelline and adding a little bit of bronzer by Bobbi Brown in “Natural” over my cheeks.


I then used “peach” from the palette with a blush brush, blending over the bronzer from my temples to my cheeks. IT IS MY FAVOURITE BLUSH COLOUR EVER!! However, to be cautionary, this shade actually gives so much beautiful pigment that not a lot is needed on the brush to get the desired depth.
I then used “peony“, with a second blush brush and applied it slightly higher on my cheeks blending up and towards the temples to get that “rosy” cheek effect.
For highlighting, I went in with “candy” with a small highlighting brush, brushing along my cheekbones and with a sheer powder brush, went over it with shade “strawberry“.
I then applied “vanilla” on the tip and ridge of my nose and on my brow bone.

For my eyes, I used “peony” first, blending out with a fluffy brush all over the upper eye blending side to side and upwards, not too much need for precision.
I then went in with a smaller blending brush with “blossom” just above my crease and in my crease, blending out to the side of the eye and upwards, making sure there are no harsh lines.
I then used “peach” with a tapered crease brush into my crease, and blended that with the small blending brush so there were no harsh lines.
I then applied “candy” on my lid and “vanilla” in my inner corner.

For the full face I then proceeded to do my eyebrows, winged liner and applied my eyelashes.  My lipsticks are from Sportsgirl and is a mix of “cloud” and “frappe” in the Lip Crème range.


Sportsgirl “Spring” look


The Complexion Perfection Palette also comes at a sweet price of $29.95. Being at least half the price of more expensive makeup brands for a quality product. I rate it.

Thank-you for reading! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

For any questions on anything else regarding this look don’t hesitate to DM me on instagram or email me.

Much love Spring chickens!!

Jessie xx

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