Anastasia Cream Contour Kit Review & Tutorial

Hello lovely people!

I have been busy starting a new job and not busy writing blog posts.. apologies for being a bit quiet! However, I am very excited to be writing about a new product I recently bought from a Sephora haul – the Anastasia Cream Contour Kit.


Contouring has become such a massive beauty trend since Kimmy K made it famous, and I’m a fan. It highlights and sculpts the angles of your face to enhance your natural features… can’t say no to that!
The only problem with the popularity of contouring is the fact there are about a million products on the market and even I get overwhelmed at the choice, so I thought I’d help you all out by sharing the amazing-ness of this contouring product and why you should get around it with photo evidence!

Why do I love this product?

1. I personally love creamy products, as I have drier skin so only powder contour is a no for me.
2. It is so blendable, leaving no icky lines so perfect for beginners to contouring!
3. It has 3 different shades for the darker colours and lighter colours which means it is fantastic all year round when skin changes colour.
4. You use such small amount of product per use, so it can last for a very long time.


Now for the fun! I am going to show you how I achieved a natural contoured look with this palette in 4 steps!


Before- Plain faced Jessie!

Step 1. I applied Mac Studio Finish Fluid Foundation with a foundation brush for the base.

Step 1

Step 2. I apply with a tapered foundation brush the shade “banana” under my eyes in a triangle shape downwards from my under eyes toward just under my temple area until it is covered with the cream. I then apply it down the length of my nose in a straight line, my chin and forehead area. I apply it in a smaller area on my forehead as I want the look of the contour to reduce the forehead size.

Step 2

Step 3. I use a small flat brush to apply the darker contour cream in the shade “Havana” with a little bit of “Light Sculpt” starting from just under the top of my ear and curving towards just above the curve of my mouth as seen in the photo. I apply it around my hairline more sparingly and connecting it to my temples making a “C” shape with the existing contour as shown in the photo. I also apply it on the sides of my nose to make the nose appear thin and straight.
After applying the contour for the cheeks, I also put a little more “Banana” with the tapered foundation brush under the cheek contour to make it appear more defined when blended out.

Front- Step 3.
Side – Step 3.

Step 4. BLEND BABY! I use a damp beauty blender to blend the lighter creams into the skin, using a dabbing motion- no swiping motions allowed. We have placed these colours specifically we don’t want them moving too much! After dabbing out the lighter cream, I use a angled contour brush to just blend the darker contour upwards and sideways towards the beginning of the contour line at the temples, making sure I am being careful to blend well and into that curve of the face to make it defined. I also use this brush to blend out the hairline.
I use a clean tapered foundation brush to blend out the sides of my nose, and dab the beauty blender on the top of the nose in that straight line again for extra definition.
I then lightly brush over the contour with a Maybelline translucent powder to set the contour with a powder brush.

Step 4 result – Post blending!

Step 5. I personally like putting some bronzer over the top of the darker contour just for extra warmth and depth in colour. So I apply with a bronzer brush some of my Bobbi Brown Bronzer in “Natural” over my cheeks from my temples to my cheeks.
I then go about doing my normal  makeup with blush, highlight and whatever else I fancy! This is the end result below.

Finished look!

So, if you are after a blendable, easy, contouring product to use I suggest to try this one – you won’t be disappointed. You can buy it from Sephora in Australia.

Remember if you have any questions or want to know more info about this look. Don’t hesitate to contact me!
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Much love!

Jessie xx


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