My Most Used Skin Products Right Now

Hello lovely people!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my top 5 skin care products and as a preface (pun intended) I must tell you my skin is combination to the drier side so these are what works for me, and may not work if you have a different skin type. I also have quite sensitive skin, so most skin care brands that are perfumed or have tonnes of things I can’t pronounce in the ingredients I’m not ready for that jelly.


I actually never really paid much attention to the products I used for skin care, (kill me for days I’d be lazy and use soap and water omg) considering that up until mid last year I used to have quite clear skin until blackheads, whiteheads and my pores came emerging…
It really freaked me out. So, I went and got myself a microdermabrasion (for ease i’m shortening it to MD) facial to clear it up with a skin consultation.

The lovely skin lady recommended I should avoid aggravating chemicals as my skin was reacting to the first product she applied before she even touched the MD tool. She suggested I should buy the brand they were supplying of skin care which as mentioned above I gladly accepted the samples but as a poor uni student and in avoidance of eating sweet potato for brekky, lunch and dinner my bank account said no to the $250 plus package deal of the products (I SPENT ALL MY MONEY ON THE FACIAL LADY) ugh.



SO, this brings me to… Clinique. woweeeeee I love this brand. So many good things.
For starters I tried this brand first after my MD facial, it is made for sensitive skin and fragrance free! Firstly I bought the “rinse off foaming cleanser mousse” which was recommended by the lady who helped me due to it’s makeup removing and cleansing properties because I don’t know about you, but I like to minimize the amount of products I have to do in my skin routine, particularly after a shift at the hospital and I just wanna come home and sleep. It is a creamy product that glides on the skin and foams up and you only need to use a tiny bit per use, leaving the skin lovely and clean ready to exfoliate!


It’s definitely seen better days.. empty!

I was also recommended the 1.0 clarifying lotion, which is for exfoliating and for sensitive skin particularly, which I use twice a day with a cotton pad and get great results. However it did take me a while to get used to it as it has quite a strong smell.
And as the third step in the skin care routine recommendation I tried and was sold with the “dramatically different moisturizer” which really just speaks for itself. I use it night and day and the whole bottle has lasted me a year and it still hasn’t finished. It is so creamy and hydrating without being heavy.



My two other skin care products I use right now is – “Clinique city block purifying mask in charcoal”, which is a mask to extract impurities and is my dupe for the GlamGlow Mud Mask which everyone is going crazy over. It goes on a treat and can also be used as a very lovely exfoliating scrub which I use about 1-2 times per week, and lastly, to cool and add extra hydration to my skin I use the Jurlique “Citrus Purifying Mist” YAS. It smells like heaven. I’m all about the citrus scents, particularly orange which is what this is all about. I used to kinda scoff at mists and activating waters etc, but man I have seen a difference using this.



As I have essentially squeezed the absolute last remnants of my Clinique cleansing mousse, I went to the discount chemist (dangerous – I always come out with more than I intended) to buy a cleanser to hold me over until I can afford to refill on my Clinique products. Like a wild deer in the headlights, bamboozled by all the discounted brands I eventually stumbled over to Thursday Plantation and was attracted by the fact it was affordable, made in Australia and made from more natural ingredients.
I chose the “Tea Tree Face Wash for Acne” and… PLOT TWIST – I dare say it has helped clear my skin more than the Clinique cleanser, seeing a noticeable difference around my chin and jawline for redness/blemishes and pore blockage. The only con of the product in comparison is that it doesn’t have very good makeup removing qualities, meaning I have to use makeup remover to be cleansing with a face on, which is fine in the long run. I’m so down for paying $11.99 per bottle and having clearer skin.




They say the proof is in the pudding, so I’m going to share a before picture (post exercise/sweaty/haven’t washed face with an after skin care routine picture which included step 1. tea tree cleaser, 2. clinque mask + scrub, 3. dramatically different moisturiser, 4. Jurlique Purifying mist.




Significant reduced blemish around nose/cheeks


reduced blemishes around nose/cheeks


Thanks for sticking around and I hope this has been informative and helpful!! I recommend all these products and have found them very helpful for
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Much love! Jessie XX




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